US Trip Schedule – so far


Yeah, we also found ourselves in the path of totality this week!

Greetings friends, our family is currently settling into our 6-month stay in the US (due to Soc Sec payment stuff) and we will soon be heading around the country to visit many of you. We have set up many visits around the US, and if we haven’t set up a visit with you yet you can see if we are coming near your area. Feel free to ask and check to see whether we might be able to swing near you as well. Throughout this time our home base will be Mission Haven in Decatur, GA. You can find us there in the in-between days. We will continue updating as we go along:

Sept. 9th-11th – St. Peter & Minneapolis, MN (whole family)

Sept. 17th-21st – Lincoln & Hastings, NE (just Kurt)

Sept. 23rd-Oct. 1st – Boston & Lowell, MA (whole family)

Oct. 6th-7th – Stony Point Center, NY – Peace Network for Korea (whole family)

Oct. 8th – NY, NY (whole family)

Oct. 13th-16th(ish?) – Austin College Homecoming (Kurt & Sahn)

Oct. 22nd-29th – Detroit, MI (just Hyeyoung)

Nov. 2nd-5th – Upper New York Presbyteries (whole family)

Nov. 12th – Chicago, IL (just Kurt) first visit

Nov. 15th-21st(ish?) Birmingham, AL & Shreveport, LA & Athens, TX & ??? (whole family – big drive)

Dec. 1st-4th(ish?) Chicago, IL (Presbytery Meeting) (whole family)

Dec. 10th – (holding for Indiana churches)

Christmas break somewhere in there

Jan. sometime – looking to visit to Los Angeles for two weeks or so, mabye do a big Western swoop?

Feb. – heading back to Korea sometime mid-February once we pass 6 months to maintain a Soc Sec exemption.

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