Peace Network for Korea in PC(USA)

You are invited to the PC(USA) Peace Network for Korea (PNK)!

ncck peace campaign

A number of my colleagues have thought about how we are needing some kind of network or some way to connect US Presbyterians to peace work going on throughout the Korean peninsula. I am especially interested in an effective way to create a network that might be easily mobilized in connection to the peace movement activities of our partner in the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) and their Reconciliation and Reunification Committee. For example, when our Peace Treaty Campaign has some activity or is asking people to write letters to US government representatives we could easily connect people to those actions alerts. We are open to other suggestions and visions. This network will likely connect to PC(USA) World Mission as a mission network and maybe also the PC(USA) Peacemaking Program as a kind of action network. It will also work on resources for educating US Americans about the context of the Korean conflict in hopes of finding better resolutions.

Fill out a membership for here:


You can email it to PeaceNetworkforKorea {at}


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