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YAVs 13-14 Retrospective

We put together a video with a lot of still pictures and a few moving pictures. It gives you a fair peak at the life of a YAV in Korea over the course of one year!

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NCCK Visit to Pyongyang and Joint Worship

(From an NCCK news article I helped to translate into English) The 8.15 Joint Prayer Worship for Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula was held at the Bong Su Church in Pyongyang with The National Council of Churches in … Continue reading

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NCCK Joint Worship for Peaceful Reunification

(from an NCCK news article I helped to edit into English) On Sunday August 10th, the NCCK Committee for Reconciliation and Unification along with 600 people from 11 member churches and affiliated organizations held a joint Sunday prayer worship service, … Continue reading

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Joint Peace Prayer (text only)

Today is Liberation Day on the Korean Peninsula. May they be liberated from division and war. Let us pray the prayer composed together by Christians in the North and in the South:   God of Love! It has been 25 … Continue reading

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Joint Prayer for Peace and Reunification

In a few weeks the entire peninsula of Korea will honor the memory of Liberation Day from Japanese Colonialism on August 15th, 1945. This will be a celebration full of mixed feelings as this day also marks the moment when … Continue reading

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