Prayer for Peace on 6/25

Today, June 25th, marks the day commonly recognized as the beginning of the Korean War when international powers dragged the Korean Peninsula back into conflict, except this time within itself.  As part of my job with the NCCK, I come into contact with resources, liturgy, and prayers that they have created on behalf of the peaceful reconciliation movement. I would like to share this prayer with you today which comes from a service created by NCCK members for the peaceful reconciliation movement.

Oh Lord, who unites us with the joy of liberation, thank you for filling us with life and joy and for reconciling our divided hearts through [our common worship as Christians around the world and our common communion around the table]. The fellowship you have given us becomes our hope and promise while suffering from deep division between sister to sister, brother to brother, and neighbor to neighbor.

Lord, send us your Holy Spirit to overflow with the joy of reconciliation amongst our divided selves, and help us make our nation [and this world] to overflow with your will; in Jesus Christ, who unites us with the joy of liberation.


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    A prayer for peace on the Korean Peninsula for the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Thanks Kurt!

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