Are we ready?


(Group picture of the mission co-workers)

Kurt and I just got back from three-week intensive orientation/training in Louisville, Kentucky from January 14th through February 2nd. We were joined by other 11 mission co-workers including us who will be mission co-workers in other countries including Haiti, D.R. Congo, Egypt, Guatemala, Colombia, and South Korea.  The orientation was designed to help us to reflect on our own call stories, cross cultural competency, and interfaith experience. It was also a great opportunity to learn about the direction of PCUSA world mission and how we as mission co-works can get involved in meeting the goals together as partners. Although it was very intensive and busy, we appreciated the opportunity meeting with new mission co-workers and learning about the work that we will be doing. It was a great time for us, as a couple, to learn about what would be like to work as a team.

Currently we are back to Chicago where we will be living until the end of May. We are building relationships with churches and meeting with many different groups to share our future ministry in South Korea. We would love for you to get connected with us through many different ways.

1. Pray for us

We are going to need lots of prayers as we go through huge transitions in our life. Our baby boy will be coming soon around mid-March, and we will be moving to Korea at the end of May. Throughout our initial 3 year term of service we will need continual prayer support. I will need extra support re-entering my home culture as a changed person, and Kurt will need support maintaining awareness of his privilege as a U.S. citizen in Korea so as not to give in to the temptation to exploit that privilege.

2.  Connect us

Help us connect with congregations who might be interested in partnering with us to learn about what we will be doing in South Korea. We will also be sending out emails through the year, so send us your email address to make sure you receive all our updates (Facebook filters posts in your newsfeed). If you want quarterly fancy letters, then send us an email with your home mailing address or church address.

3. Support us

We need to raise a portion of what it costs World Mission to send us overseas. They have calculated that it costs $138,000 to send us as a couple, including all the necessary support staff back home. We are tasked with raising 25% of that in our first year, so $35,000. If you as an individual are interested in helping us, please go to this website and donate:   If you are congregation, you can designate money in a different way; please send us an email, so that we can connect with you:,

Thank you.

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